List Of Whole Body Vibration Users
Although the list is growing every day, here is the most recent list we
could compile of WBV users you may recognize.
Athletes and Celebrities 

Quinton Aaron - Actor

Julie Andrews Actor

Lance Armstrong - Cyclist 

Sacha Baron Cohen - Actor

Sean Combs - Musician

David Cone - Baseball Player

J.D. Drew - Baseball Player

Clint Eastwood - Actor

Jane Fonda - Actor

Darren Holmes - Baseball Player

Anthony Hopkins - Actor

Lebron James - Basketball Player

Erik Karros - Baseball Player

Heidi Klum - Model

Madonna - Musician

Karl Mecklenburg - Football Player

Colin Montogomery - Golfer

Larry Nelson - Golfer

Shaquille O'Neal - Basketball Player

Gewn Stefani - Musician

Demaryius Thomas - Football Player

Sports Teams

Anaheim Ducks

Atlanta Braves

Calgary Flames

Chicago Cubs

Dallas Mavericks

Dallas Stars

Denver Broncos

Green Bay Pakers

Kansas City Chiefs

Los Angeles Avengers

Los Angeles Dodgers

Los Angeles Kings

Los Angeles Lakers

Miami Dolphins

Miami Heat

New York Giants

New York Mets

Oakland Raiders

Philadelphia Flyers

Pittsburgh Pirates

San Diego Chargers

San Diego Padres

St Louis Cardinals

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tennessee Titans

Toronto Blue Jays

Toronto Maple Leafs




Azusa-Pacific University

UC Berkley

Chapman University

UC Davis

Emory University

University of Houston

University Of Louisville


University of Nebraska

Ohio State University


Stanford University

 Yale University



Chandler Arizona

Yoga, Fitness, Massage and Sensory Deprivation


Vibetality Yoga Classes are held at 1940 South Alma School Road, Chandler, AZ 85286
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