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  • Weight alone is not a clear indicator of good health because it does not distinguish between pounds that come from body fat and those that come from lean body mass or muscle

  • You'll gain insights that allow you to assess your strengths and areas that need improvement

  • Get information to help you make decisions about determining the appropriate workout for your body

  • Keep yourself accountable 

We utilize the cutting-edge body fat measuring tool BodyMetrix. The BodyMetrix system uses ultrasound technology to measure body composition and develops a report based on your results. Ultrasound body composition is the same professional-grade technology used by professional sports teams, universities, and elite fitness trainers all over the world. We are excited to bring ultrasound body fat testing to Chandler because it is one of the most accurate and least invasive methods of measuring body fat, muscle, and water in the body. The BodyMetrix system is an invaluable tool for accurately accessing the weight loss programs we have at Vibetality.

What is the BodyMetrix System?


Simply explained, the BodyMetrix is a hand-held ultrasound device that uses ultrasound technology to quickly and accurately measure your body composition. Our system detects the true fat thickness at each measurement point and then the software uses these measurements to calculate an accurate body fat percentage. Unlike many measurement tools, ultrasound measurements are not affected by hydration, exercise level, and caffeine intake, therefore they provide a more consistent result that you can trust.


In addition, the integrated software tracks and graphs your body fat percentage, weight, and calorie burn (BMR) providing direct evidence of effective training programs including diet and exercise.  


$25.00 Per Measurement.


Chandler Arizona

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Vibetality Yoga Classes are held at 1940 South Alma School Road, Chandler, AZ 85286
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