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What is Vibetality 15 Minute Fitness?

Welcome to Vibetality the world's first human potential optimization studio. At our core, we are all seeking Vibetality, we all want the healthiest minds and bodies possible, but too often our real 21st century busy schedules get in the way of those goals. At Vibetality we want to change the way the world looks at fitness. We believe fitness is much more than running on a treadmill, total body fitness involves the body and the mind. The Vibetality program incorporates Yoga along with 3 separate Whole Body Vibration classes that are designed to work in conjunction with one another to create the ultimate you. We know you live a busy life, and Vibetality was created with your schedule in mind. Our WBV classes  allow anyone and everyone to optimize their minds and bodies, no matter their schedule. Our one of a kind 15 minute fitnessyoga, & renewal classes give you the total body benefit of 1 1/2 hours of traditional fitness training. When you have more time, our full length yoga classes will challenge you both physically and mentally.  Come in, get fit, and get back to your life. 


Vibetality's 15 minute vibration group fitness classes are a break-though in modern fitness, weight loss, and total body toning. Vibetality is based around the idea of minimal time and maximum results. The Vibetality 15 minute group fitness classes condense the results of a total body fitness workout into a manageable 15 minute class that can easily fit into your busy schedule.


Thanks to modern scientific advancements in fitness and weight loss we now have the power to completely transform our bodies in less time, with less pain, and with better results than ever thought possible before. With Vibetality's, incredible weight loss results (Up to 19 inches in 30 days) your dream body can be a reality with simple 15 minute workout sessions, and the good news is, you'll never have to step on a treadmill again. Vibetality's fitness studio is conveniently located in Chandler, just west of the Chandler/Gilbert border and just south of the 202 on Alma School and Germann. Our fun and highly effective group fitness, wellness and yoga classes will get you looking and feeling the way you want to, in less time than you thought possible. Giving you the freedom to look great AND live your life whether you are a busy Chandler or Gilbert mom, a busy business person, or just a person looking to have more free time, while still looking great, Vibetality has a perfect class for you.


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Vibetality takes advantage of NASA whole body vibration technology. Through the use of WBV plate technology Vibetality's 15 minute group fitness classes get real results in a fraction of the time of traditional gym training. Vibetality fitness classes accelerate the fitness process and boost your progress towards weight loss, true health, and mental liberation.


Whole Body Vibration has roots in the NASA and Russian Space programs and is currently used by professional sports teams and elite fitness athletes around the world.  Chandler Arizona is the only place in the world you can get a true Vibetality 15 minute fitness experience, so come in and take advantage of all of the WBV's proven benefits!



Studies have shown movements performed on a WBV platform to be four times more effective than equal movements performed on a traditional surface. It is this increased effectiveness that allows Vibetality to get you the results you want, in 15 minutes. Yet the energy from the Vibetality plate's 30 MHZ vibrations is gentle, and safely transfers throughout the body to stimulate the muscles, cells, lymphatic system, and even bones and soft tissues in the body. In fact the benefits of Vibetality training may include:

Movements performed on a WBV platform have been shown to be 4 times more effective than equal movements performed on a traditional surface.
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From NASA, professional sports teams, health professionals to the rich and famous, WBV is being used throughout the world. Its proven benefits are detailed in medical journal after medical journal.
Providing the Chandler, 
Gilbert, & East Valley communities with premier 15 minute fitness WBV claseses, floatation, wellness, biofeedback meditation and yoga classes.
Our 15 Minute Vibration Classes



Gentle 15 minute vibration-based classes focused on healing and balancing the body, while stimulating the lymphatic system (immune system) in a gentle low stress way. The classes will focus on breathing, slow movements and mindfulness. These classes bring awareness to healing from the inside out. 



​15 minute vibration based group fitness classes with an emphasis on condensing your results into the shortest time-frame possible. Classes included in VibeFit will focus on faster repetitions and introduce varying weights, with a goal of getting you into the best shape possible. If you want to lose weight, inches, or get a more toned body, FitVibe is for you. 



15 and 30 minute classes. Come practice an ancient system of physical and mental disciplines on a NASA designed WBV device. Practice to attain a higher degree of stability and tranquility for you body, mind, and spirit. Classes are aimed at training the body and the consciousness to create balance, strength, and flexibility in your daily life. Yoga-Vibe's, vibration based class will lead you through basic yoga poses to deepen and enhance your advanced or beginning yoga practice.


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